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Profile wrapping with hot melt adhesives

Wrapped profiles are today accepted as standard components in the manufacture of modern furniture and building interiors. Whether as furniture decor, baseboards or cornice rails, drawer frames, wall and ceiling panels, doorframes and other profiles of any kind – profile wrapping on the most diverse base substrates is a hot topic today, and wrapping materials can be chosen from an almost endless variety of foils, papers or veneers.
The materials for the basic profiles may differ widely. They range from solid wood, over wood-based substrates, to plastics, and increasingly, aluminium and metal profiles are wrapped.
The technology for applying the adhesives is also progressing continuously. The preferred technology is currently the application by width-adjustable slot nozzles. The feed speeds have sometimes multiplied over the past years, and today, modern lines can reach up to 100 m/min.

New application technologies and faster processes require adhesive systems that meet the special requirements concerning rheology and initial strength. Jowat is meeting these demands by supplying a wide variety of suitable hot melt adhesives.
An established product is Jowatherm® 291.60 – an unfilled EVA system for wrapping with decor paper foils. This adhesive has already very successfully used in the field for conventional roller applicators, but also on slot nozzle lines, and is also characterised by a wide spectrum of adhesion.
In addition to the tried and proven polyolefin adhesives from the Jowat-Hightherm® series, Jowat has developed high-performance adhesives based on a modern polymer technology - the polyolefin-based Jowat-Toptherm® family.
These products are first rate wrapping adhesives for very different materials, and are especially outstanding due to their high heat resistance which may surpass 110 °C. The excellent thermal stability in the melt and the low grammages allow a smooth and efficient application.

Jowat-Toptherm® 236.70 has become the standard product for wrapping with decor paper foils, thermoplastic foils and veneer.
The highest quality demands are met by hot melts from the Jowatherm-Reaktant® group. They have excellent characteristics for wrapping with very diverse, difficult to bond materials at low adhesive application temperatures, and the end products will exhibit superior heat and moisture resistance levels. When the application is made by slot nozzle, this will allow very reduced grammages. Apart from these standard adhesives, numerous special products are available which have been optimised for the most different wrapping technologies. Talks to us, we will find the optimum solution for you.