• Fire protection requirements, tested by the RW-TÜV Essen
  • Solvent-based adhesives – up to 80 % renewable raw materials
  • Full customer satisfaction thanks to modern adhesive systems

Upholstered furniture - Modern adhesive systems for established processes

The manufacture of upholstered furniture is characterised by the huge diversity of the processed materials. Apart from cut and preformed foams, textiles, leather, wood or wood-based substrates, various plastics and many other materials are used. Frequently, the operations are manual and the process times vary widely. The combinations of long open time, good adhesion to the various substrates, and a high initial adhesion, represent a great challenge to adhesives technology.

For decades, the solvent-based Jowatac®  adhesives have become established in the upholstery and foam cutting industry and have constantly been adapted to the respective requirements.
The adhesives are usually applied by spray gun. The solvents in these cases serve as processing aides which evaporate during spray application and afterwards. In order to meet the increasingly more stringent environmental and safety standards, Jowat SE had already developed solventbased adhesives over 20 years ago that offered a lower solvent percentage and a much higher solid content.

Apart from substantial ecological advantages, improved workplace safety and an excellent price-performance ratio, these adhesives are based mainly on renewable raw materials and also contributes to reducing CO2 emissions. This means that solvent-based adhesives have for decades now been providing a major input into resource conservation and environmental protection. Thanks to its excellent adhesive properties, combined with a superior spraying performance and a high heat resistance, Jowatac® 471.54 has become established as general-purpose all-round product with an average solid content. Jowatac-HighSolid® 471.64 is an all-purpose adhesive creating a soft seam; it has universal adhesion characteristics, and performs excellently in spray application while the solid content is also higher. According to an expertise by the RW TÜV Essen, Jowatac® Super HighSolid® 476.74 meets higher flame-resistant requirements, and in spite of the very high solid content the processing performance remains very acceptable.

The consistent use of environment-friendly materials and processes supports the manufacture of sustainable and environmentally safe upholstered furniture. A completely new generation of solvent-based adhesives containing over 80 % renewable raw materials, additionally contributes to a sustainable, environment- and resource-friendly upholstered furniture manufacture. From this adhesive group, Jowatac-HighSolid® 460.64 proved its suitability in the field for premium applications in the upholstered furniture sector and has become well established.

Solvent-free, water-based dispersion adhesives are available as alternative to solvent-based adhesives. However, solvent-based adhesives offer considerable advantages: in health and safety in the workplace, sustainability, processing and last but not least in efficiency compared to dispersion adhesives. Additionally, Jowat also supplies special hot melt adhesives that are mainly used in mattresses manufacture. The manufacturing process for upholstered furniture is however often slower, it is manual and the existing stresses in the bondline are usually higher.
When using hot melt adhesives in the upholstered furniture industry, this requires a harmonized manufacture process