HolzHer Information: Using PUR Hot Melt in the Holz-Her GluJet - Jowatherm-Reaktant® 608.00/01

The Holz-Her GluJet nozzle will successfully run moisture-curing PUR hot melt adhesives without additional equipment. PUR hot melt has superior bond qualities over other adhesive types.


Considerations for the successful use of Jowatherm-Reaktant® 608.00/01 PUR adhesive:

PUR hot melt has a well-defined life span during which curing takes place. It is important that the 608.00/01 adhesive be completely used up within 8 hours, once opened. To avoid glue station problems caused by premature curing of the hot melt, it is critical to keep accurate track of this time window.

! Important ! – Avoid exposing the PUR hot melt to humidity. Only open the PUR can just before use and remove the liner / foil bag. Do not open more than one can at a time or stage the open adhesive cartridges at the work place. When the adhesive is exposed to humidity for an extended period of time, premature crosslinking / pre-curing may take place in the outer layer of the adhesive. This will produce an invisible fine skin in the exposed areas which cannot be melted again. Compromised PUR hot melt adhesive will lead to clogging of the Holz-Her GluJet application system, to inconsistent glue lines and increased downtime. Consult technical and safety documentation for more details.

Planning of batch sizes will allow optimal yield of the hot melt cartridges and reduce waste. The daily production schedule must include the necessary purging, corresponding to the adhesive type. Production planning must also specify proper maintenance and care of the adhesive application unit.


When using PUR hot melt adhesives, the application system must be fully cleaned when changing the adhesive type as well as for long periods of standstill, and the slot on the nozzle must be purged. Use the corresponding purging / flushing agent Jowat 930.94 in cartridge or pellet form and observe the processing and safety specifications.

The use of purging agents will prevent curing of the adhesive in the adhesive system and nozzle.


Please find attached the official HolzHer Information leaflet on this topic.