Jack of All Trades - Jowacoll® 705.11 | A Good Choice Since 2004

All purpose PVAc Dispersion for Paper Packaging

Good Wet Tack and Fast Setting - For All Standard Applicator Systems

Jowacoll® 705.11 product page

Jowacoll® 705.11 can be considered the Swiss army knife among dispersions. Barely any other dispersion can be used in such a wide range of applications. Since the turn of the century, this adhesive has been impressing processors in the paper and packaging industry in the automatic closing machines, box and case folders, as well in bag manufacturing for pasting handles, the manufacture of vacuum cleaner bags, or the production of composite materials for renowned suppliers to the automotive industry. Jowacoll® 705.11 can be processed with all applicator systems established on the market, free of solvents and convinces due to good mechanical processing characteristics, good wet tack, as well as high setting speeds.