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Jowat Packaging Adhesive with a Bio-Based Raw Material Content of More Than 50 %

Detmold, 21 July 2021 – The Jowatherm® GROW product range supplied by the adhesives manufacturer Jowat from Detmold provides bio-based packaging adhesives to support companies that want to significantly reduce the use of fossil raw materials. The successful product line has now been expanded with a modern packaging hot melt adhesive which for the first time has a bio-based raw material content of over 50 %.

Jowatherm® GROW 853.xx product page

The powerful hot melt adhesives from the Jowatherm® GROW series impress with a verified high content of raw materials based on pine resins and excel in the application process as a result of clean processing characteristics and low maintenance. In addition, they facilitate recyclable bonds in line with the German Packaging Law (“Verpackungsgesetz”).

The latest highlight in this product family for sustainable packaging is the adhesive Jowatherm® GROW 853.22 which stands out due to a particularly high content of renewable raw materials of more than 50 %. It is characterised by a very broad spectrum of adhesion and facilitates the reliable bonding of even difficult surfaces such as coated material surfaces. And that is not all: The high flexibility at low temperatures makes this adhesive an interesting partner in deep-freeze applications.

The sustainable adhesive solutions of the Jowatherm® GROW series supplied by Jowat provide powerful bio-based hot melt adhesives for many applications in packaging processes. Only resins extracted from the by-products generated during the production of paper are used in the manufacture of these adhesives at the enterprise’s headquarters in Detmold. The pine wood used is sourced from verified and sustainably managed forests.