Jowat Inside

1978 – Entry on the US Market

Founding of the Jowat Corporation. Largely initiated by Wolfgang Depenbrock, the plan was to build an efficient sales and advisory structure on the American market. Investments started to pay off quickly and eight years later, 30 employees ensured a stable turnover and the business was in the black. Today, the Jowat Corporation in the USA is an integral part of the triad strategy, with sales subsidiaries in Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, and Colombia. The photo shows the main office building in the 1980s.

The founding of the Jowat Corporation in the United States of America was an important milestone. It was largely initiated by Wolfgang Depenbrock and the official foundation took place on March 3, 1979 in Wilmington/Delaware, the "First State" of the USA. The first step was to build an efficient advisory and sales structure. After initial discussions with German manufacturers of woodworking machinery and suppliers to the American furniture industry, as well as a visit to the furniture trade fair in nearby Louisville/Kentucky, personnel was hired. The company rented warehouse space from the forwarding agency Röhlig in New York City and an office in a skyscraper on 32nd Broadway at the corner of Wall Street. After six months, the company concluded that the location in the "Big Apple" was unfavorable and decided to move to High Point/North Carolina - also known as the "Furniture Capital of the World".

The first decades were very successful in trading with small European machines and all kinds of accessories for furniture manufactures. Due to exchange rate fluctuations, import duties and the demand of some major customers for products "Made in USA", it was then decided to expand the sales company into a production facility. From the beginning, investments started to paid off and eight years later, 30 employees ensured a stable turnover and the business was in the black. The company proudly celebrated its 75th anniversary in 1994 with 85 employees and additional subsidiaries. Today, the Jowat Corporation's responsibilities extends from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego throughout North and South America.