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Pollutant-reduced adhesives: from Jowat Green Adhesives

Sustainability is diverse. It is not always just a matter of conserving resources. Responsibility for users and end users is also part of a conscious, "green" bonding process. Therefore, low-emission adhesives are an important part of the Jowat Green Adhesive portfolio.

Emission reduced (ER) adhesives with very low emissions of formaldehyde, plasticizers and other ingredients support manufacturers in the production and bonding of low-emission products. For a contribution to environmental and customer protection.

Jowatherm-Reaktant® 642.00/08 has been developed to meet all demands with only one adhesive

Consistency and standardisation. These objectives of the modular production system used by numerous manufacturers in the automotive industry are linked to the entire supply chain, including the processed materials and adhesives. Adhesives for 3D laminating interior car parts have to provide superior performance independent of the application method and the laminating technology. Whether applied by roller, nozzle or spraying, laminated with a press or by vacuum deep-drawing – the same adhesive should be used in all processes and fulfil the different requirements.

When processes for the serial production of large quantities are planned, the focus is always on process times. Reliable, creep-free bonding is a prerequisite for optimised process times and therefore requires an adhesive with high initial strength to resist the high tensions in edgefolding applications. Jowatherm-Reaktant® 642.00 meets this demand perfectly. The product version Jowatherm-Reaktant® 642.08 facilitates a fast delivery of the parts even at high ambient temperatures.
In addition to different processes, also the range of substrates can vary widely.

All standard substrates can be bonded – from ABS and ABS blends to PP-based parts, with or without natural fibre content. Pretreatment is only necessary for PP-based parts. Jowatherm-Reaktant® 642.00/08 can bond TPO as well as PVC foils.* All these qualities coupled with particularly favourable VOC and FOG values make this PUR hot melt adhesive a real “all-rounder” and a reliable component in the bonding process.

*Due to the wide variety of different plasticisers used in PVC foils, prelimary testing for suitability is absolutely necessary.

Application Description

Jowatherm-Reaktant® 642.00/08  is a laminating adhesive for manufacturing interior parts of vehicles.

Product Features

Short open time and high initial strength, also for high-tension edgefolding applications.
After complete reaction, very high bond strength, outstanding resistance to heat and very good resistance to low temperatures. Contains a  fluorescence marker for ease of detection.




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