Application Description

Textile floors for all uses

Whether premium carpets for private homes or artificial turf for the football stadium powerful adhesives are also reliable process partners in the manufacture of textile floor coverings and provide a major input into the superior quality of the product.

In the manufacture of carpets, the tufted carpets are laminated on the reverse side with a textile bottom layer which improves the structural stability and ensures that the carpet lays flat on the floor when rolled out. Modern thermoplastic hot melt adhesives bind the filament to the underside and facilitate high pull strength. The polyolefin-based (PO) adhesives are applied by roller or by nozzle in a single operation on the complete surface of the textile. These powerful hot melt adhesives facilitate fast process cycles with lower adhesive application amounts compared to other procedures. In addition, no drying time is required for thermoplastic hot melt adhesives which leads to a savings potential in energy and equipment costs due to more effective processes.

Artificial turf has its own very specific challenges. On the one hand, the bonding has to resist the extreme mechanical stress to which the product is exposed during use. On the other hand, artificial turf has a lifecycle of up to ten years after which the textile floor has to be fully recyclable. PO hot melt adhesives from Jowat are based on the same chemical basis as the PE bottom layer and the PP filaments, and therefore play a major role in the recyclability of the product.


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