Application Description

Since the introduction of mechanical movable type printing by Johannes Gutenberg and the invention of lithography by Alois Senefelder, books have become firmly established in society. Books are constant companions of students, diaries and photo books preserve the most precious and significant moments in life, and novels provide relaxation during quiet hours. Even the most advanced eBook readers cannot appeal to the readers’ senses as only a printed book does. As a partner to bookbinderies, Jowat supplies adhesives for numerous applications from the first to the last page, for industry and manual trades.

Jowat provides different adhesive solutions for the spine and side bonding of softcover books and catalogues and for all standard paper qualities. The spine glue for softcovers is adapted to the special requirements in manufacturing. Numerous factors have to be taken into account to ensure an ideal performance of the adhesive. For instance, the temperature of the adhesive, the dwell-time in the processing unit, the application amount and the feed speed. Side glues are used to bond the end sheets of a book or a magazine to the cover and the demands on these products are high as well. High flexibility, perfect adhesion on different surfaces, no bleed through, and maximum initial strength are essential for this application.

1. Spine glue
PUR / hot melts / dispersions / Two-Shot
After the book block has been milled on the back, the following step is to apply an adhesive film on the spine by nozzles or roller. For this process, several things must be considered to ensure a successful bonding result. Is the adhesive tank open? How high is the temperature? For how long will the adhesive remain molten? What application amount is needed and how high is the feed speed?

2. Side glue
Hot melts / dispersions / PUR
In general, the adhesive is applied by nozzle or roller on the first and on the last page of the book block, to bond it to the cover. The adhesive for this application has to be flexible, adhere to the most different surfaces and it should not bleed through, while providing maximum durability.

Further Applications

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