You Reap What You Sow

Virtually all items in our daily lives were packaged at some point. However, seldom do consumers realize the big role packaging plays in certain product categories. The task of finding the most suitable packaging material is complex and requires a deep understanding of the product to be packaged, especially in the food industry and the agriculture sector. A team of experts in the seeds division at Seedpack GmbH is dedicated to tackling this particular challenge. They have found the ideal partner for bonding solutions: Jowat.

Focus on the harvest

We all know at least one person who, each season, will swoon over their homegrown fruits and vegetables. The first root vegetables and early bloomers can be sown as early as March and as soon as the first warm sun rays reach the earth, community gardens will be bustling with activity. However, gardening enthusiasts are often unaware of one small but significant factor for success. The way in which seeds have transported, stored and packaged is already determining how fruitful the harvest will be. The key aspects in all of this: temperature, light, moisture and cleanliness. All these are also criteria for the ideal packaging.

Optimum packaging

Packaging machines of Seedpack GmbH have been safeguarding the quality of seeds for over 45 years and this goal has become a matter of the heart for the company’s experts. Seedpack is a competent partner for packaging technology and machines and a specialist for the optimum wrapping of seeds.
The engineers at the enterprise understand the challenges in this sector. Seeds must be protected from weathering and pollutants to prevent a premature germination or spoiling.
For the professional metering and packaging machines, this would be a piece of cake if it weren’t for the last step, the sealing of the bags. A bonding solution is needed which meets the requirements mentioned above and which is compatible with the machines.

Reliable bonding

Jowat-Toptherm® 851.99 turned out to be the ideal adhesive for the specialized packaging units. The hot melt adhesive of the Jowat Green Adhesives range impresses in the seed packaging process due to its low processing temperature starting from 99°C and the clean adhesive string cut-off at the nozzle. Strong bonds and the low processing temperature of the adhesive coupled with a string-free application facilitate smooth manufacturing processes and minimal maintenance. In addition, processors benefit from the absence of downtimes and a reduced risk of burns.

Experts joining forces

The cooperation between Seedpack and Jowat has once again demonstrated how important it is to have the right partners in industry and how an effective liaison can quickly produce new ideas and solutions. Good communication channels between the two enterprises have facilitated an economical, efficient and, at the same time, sustainable implementation. “Jowat quickly understood our requirements and suggested several solutions in no time. A few days later, the ideal adhesive for our requirements was already in our warehouse. It couldn’t have gone any better,” confirms Johannes Selbach of the Procurement department at Seedpack GmbH.

For Jowat, this has also been an exciting project. “Inquiries from the food industry or from the agriculture sector are always a very exciting challenge—not least due to the continually evolving requirements,” says Johann Quiring of Jowat’s Solution Partner Support. “They provide an opportunity for Jowat to demonstrate that we keep our finger on the pulse of developments and are always prepared to meet the latest requirements.”