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Lightweight Construction: It’s What’s on the Inside That Counts

Lightweight construction is more in demand than ever. From modern furniture construction and professional trade fair stands to the short-term construction of functional emergency shelters, there is hardly anything that cannot be brought to life with VOMO’s lightweight construction elements. They are versatile, functional and extremely lightweight, and the secret is hidden inside…

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Klemens Mormann and Johannes Voß arranged a Christmas present all for themselves back in December 2001, as they set up their own business and founded a company for lightweight construction elements with paper honeycomb cores. Over the years, a handful of employees and 400 square metres of production space has grown into a 25-strong team that brings customer wishes to life in the blink of an eye, and its range is continually expanded. The exhibition wall systems that made up the core of their company at the outset were soon followed by furniture, sliding doors and exhibition elements based on their tried-andtested construction method, making for the comprehensive lightweight construction portfolio they have today.

Stand construction made easy

VOMO Leichtbautechnik GmbH & Co. KG is based in the German municipality of Laer, not far from the Dutch border. The product range offered by the family-owned company never fails to impress customers not only with its variety, but also with its whole package of advantages. The elements are easy to transport, quick to assemble and can even be reused. This concept has not only proven itself in trade fair construction, but has also become an established method for exhibitions in galleries and museums. In crisis situations, VOMO lightweight elements are even suitable for setting up safe temporary shelters or medical testing stations and hospital wards.

At first glance, the lightweight elements from the VOMO range appear to be completely normal laminated wood-based panels. But the secret of the lightness and versatility is hidden beneath the MDF top panel, which conceals a honeycomb structure made of paper, similar to the honeycombs of a beehive. This structure reliably holds the elements together while also keeping the panel light: a clear plus compared to solid wood panels. For additional stability, the lightweight panels are given a frame of solid wood slats.

VOMO & Jowat: a strong team

Having the right adhesive is indispensable for this type of production, and VOMO has always relied on Jowat SE in this regard: “Ever since our company was founded, Jowat has been our most important supplier when it comes to adhesives,” affirms Mario Reinke, Head of Purchasing and Costings at VOMO. The products used for surface bonding of the composite elements account for the largest share of the adhesives used. A dispersion adhesive is required for this area, which has the longest possible open time during the assembly of the elements and requires a short pressing time at low temperatures. VOMO has found the perfect product in the form of the Jowacoll® 103.15 PVAc white glue, which it uses every day in its production process. The dispersion adhesive corresponds to stress group D3, meaning it makes the elements more resistant to short-term exposure to water or higher humidity. The Jowatherm® 280.50 EVA hot melt adhesive is used for highquality edgebanding, which is particularly impressive on account of its precise application and strong adhesion.

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