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Jowat Manual: PUR prepolymer adhesives

Find out everything you need to know about handling PUR Prepolymer Adhesives. All details can be found in the attached PDF brochure.

Liquid, reactive polyurethane prepolymer adhesives (short: PUR prepolymers) are high-performance adhesives characterised by a broad spectrum of adhesion and bonding properties. PUR prepolymers are established problem-solvers that facilitate the reliable bonding of different materials and material combinations. Due to their benefits, these adhesives are used in many industries, in particular in load-bearing glulam applications, in the wood, construction and furniture industries, in the manufacture of caravans, in shipbuilding, in the automotive sector and in many other industries. Reactive polyurethane prepolymers are chemically crosslinking and curing adhesives, available as one-component or two-component products.

Benefits of one-component (1C) PUR prepolymer adhesives
- good penetration into the substrate
- no mixing necessary, easy processing
- fast curing at room temperature
- free of formaldehyde and solvents
- emission-free and odourless after complete curing
- good resistance to water and temperature
- high bond strengths