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Solid wood adhesives: what fits, should also hold!

Bonding superior solid wood structures can easily go beyond the usual possibilities of a processor in individual applications. SchreinerZeitung magazine talked to different adhesives manufacturers to find out what can be done in such a situation.

Finding the right adhesive is not always easy. Especially if it is to be used in a new application with special requirements. Different glues have different strengths. Dispersion glues for instance are easy to apply and excessive adhesive can be cleaned with water. Reactive PU glues provide a stronger bond, but are also harder to clean. Special glues are available for bonding outdoor furniture.
There is no universal glue for every application. However, processors who work closely together with an adhesives manufacturer can benefit from an excellent advisory service due to the expertise of Application Specialists as well as from tailor-made solutions when a standard glue doesn’t meet the application’s requirements.

The article is published in the magazine 'Schreinerzeitung 49/17' in German language. You can download the original article down below.