Cap adhesives in pillows

  • Easy, clean, time-saving
  • Reduced packaging waste
  • Lower accident risk
  • Improved processing characteristics

Jowat Cap adhesives in pillows

Jowat Cap adhesives can be purchased in the additional supply form of pillows.  The supply form will not modify the technical properties (like adhesion, cohesion, viscosity etc.) in any way at all. All Cap adhesives can of course be used in direct food contact (FDA 176.170).

Pillows are highly processor-friendly, and by comparison to products in block form, they offer a number of advantages for the processor:

Handling – easy, clean, time-saving
- no manual unpacking of blocks
- no risk of contamination due to silicone paper sticking to the blocks
- simple and fast removal from packaging

Less waste
- no collecting or storage of the silicone paper wraps
- no disposal over special waste site
- savings

Lower risk of accidents
- less risk of splashing when filling the melter

Improved processing characteristics
- pillows “float on the melt”
- optimized melt performance
- less cooling-down of the melt when adding more pillows
- reduced susceptibility to burning or cracking due to
- “melt-on-demand“ effect when processing is continuous
- tested successfully SIG-Combibloc cap applicators

The adhesive pillows are manufactured by coextrusion. In this process, a raw material already contained in the adhesive formulation is used as exterior protector material. This allows to reach a good antiblocking effect, without any need to modify the adhesive formulation.