Communiqué de presse

Clear folding boxes: Professional bonds even on semi-automatic lines.

The second new Jowat adhesive for the manufacture of clear folding boxes - Jowatherm-Reaktant® 603.59 – is a specialist when only short pressing zones are available which is standard for semi-automatic joining processes.

Detmold, November 19, 2014. - Even in cases where the engineering technology is not fully automatised and the pressing sections are comparatively short, the adhesive used in the highly demanding manufacture of clear folding boxes needs to deliver an uncompromisingly superior performance.

Due to its high green strength, the new reactive hot melt adhesive Jowatherm-Reaktant® 603.59 ensures a problem-free downline processing in these applications with a perfect visual appeal of the end product.

Just like for the preceding companion product, Jowatherm-Reaktant® 603.57, which was developed for fast manufacturing processes, no formation of bubbles, neither in processing and application nor during the crosslinking reaction is observed. The almost string-free application by nozzle combined with the high green strength ensures problem-free manufacturing cycles. No yellowing of the bondline could be determined – even when the exposure to UV rays was extensive. Apart from a durable and high-strength material compound achieved when bonding most standard plastics (PET, PVC or pretreated PP), this adhesive matches in its composition the accepted regulations governing food contact,  EU10/2011 and EU1935/2004.

The high visual appeal and the superior safe handling of the clear folding box – a decorative packaging unit which is more and more in demand – becomes even more attractive due to the almost invisible bondline.