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Adhesives for Occupational Safety: Part of Our Green Adhesives

Sustainability is diverse. The commitment to increased employee protection distinguishes a company that acts sustainably and responsibly. By using selected adhesives from Jowat Green Adhesives, you as an employer make an important contribution to occupational safety and at the same time optimize your processes.

For many years, the solids content in solvent-based foam bonding adhesives has constantly increased. The adhesive systems from the Jowatac® Super-HighSolid product group with high solids contents of >70 % provide substantial benefits.

Products from this series are based largely on renewable natural resources and provide a major contribution to environmental protection and workplace safety as well as an excellent price-performance ratio.

Depending on the country and the region, solvents have been subject to ever stricter regulations. A significant reduction in solvent contents can help meet environmental requirements or facilitate an expansion of production outputs. Therefore, Jowat has developed an adhesive to crown the Jowatac® Super-HighSolid series. Jowatac® Super-HighSolid 477.74 impresses with a solids content of 77 % coupled with medium viscosity. At the same time, bonding characteristics, e.g. initial and final strength, and heat resistance, are comparable to the other products in the Jowatac® Super-HighSolid range.




Application Description

Jowatac® Super-HighSolid 477.74 is used for the assembly of upholstery furniture and mattresses with one- or two-sided application.

Product Features

✓ Advantages

Jowatac® Super-HighSolid 477.74 fulfils the requirements for modern assembly operations of upholstery furniture:

  • Good adhesion to all standard upholstery materials (except synthetic leather)
  • High bonding aggressiveness
  • High initial strength, therefore suitable for high-tension bondings
  • One- and two-sided application possible
  • Reduced VOC emissions by up to 75 % compared to conventional products
  • Good heat resistance and durability
  • Minimal adhesive costs per element
  • Reduced fire hazard if processed properly



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