Jowat AG presents an innovative adhesive portfolio at the Techtextil 2013 - Efficiency is the key target of development: adhesives for textile compounds and applications in vehicle interiors.

Detmold.- Jowat AG with headquarters in Detmold is one of the leading international suppliers of adhesives for all industrial sectors. At the Techtextil 2013, the company is presenting a comprehensive adhesive portfolio and current product innovations for a wide range of applications in the principal industries Textile and Automotive.

Simplified processes in bonding to achieve a higher productivity: Efficiency is the target which Jowat AG has in focus when developing new hot melt adhesives for the textile and automotive industries. The results are powerful adhesives with specific properties and high bonding performance as demanded by the end product, and adapted to the processing environment to achieve excellent results in process reliability.

Powerful adhesives for the manufacture of technical textiles

Jowat AG is supplying a large portfolio of adhesives for the sector textile compounds: In addition to adhesives that are used in the manufacture of textiles for clothing, Jowat AG provides adhesives for instance for the bonding of cleaning textiles, for PVC tablecloths, emery paper, furniture and mattress cover textiles, for construction textiles (e.g. roofing liners and barrier layers), and also for medical and hygiene textiles like incontinence articles or surgery drapes.

Adapted to the individual areas of application, Jowat hot melt adhesives always provide characteristics that improve the efficiency in the respective production processes: For instance reduced grammages will lower the costs, a wide spectrum of adhesion to many materials shortens the setup times in production, and good mechanical processing characteristics in combination with high initial strength results in high production speeds and shorter cycles for intermediate storage.

All adhesive products by Jowat AG which are used in the manufacture of garments meet the stringent demands of the Oeco-Text Standard 100. This external test has been confirmed by the ECO passport.

Powerful adhesives for bonding applications in vehicle interiors

The latest development from the product family of Jowat-Toptherm® allows to laminate a mix of natural fibres/polypropylene (NFPP) to precoated thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) foils. This permits bonding without a pretreatment of the NFPP surface and also of the TPO foil. The thermoplastic polyolefin (PO) hot melt has a high heat resistance. An important criterion since the laminated pieces will be used for vehicle interiors. Here, not only the mechanical stress, but also the temperatures which the material compound has to resist are both very high.

Another product innovation also allows bonding without pretreatment of the substrate surfaces. A reactive polyolefin (POR) hot melt adhesive from the product family of Jowatherm-Reaktant® is available for lamination of TPO foils to a polypropylene (PP) base material. This is a new product which ensures good wetting of these difficult surfaces, and additionally provides a high heat resistance.

Both adhesives are used by well-known car manufacturers.