On the spot: New coating from Jowat AG for Braille applications

Detmold.- Jowat AG with headquarters in Detmold is one of the leading global suppliers of industrial adhesives. For print processing, Jowat AG also supplies a comprehensive range of coatings and lacquers. The latest member of this product family, especially developed for the application “Braille” is a coating from the PermaCoat® group. This innovative UV- curing system complies with present standards and superior processing parameters.

Braille writing, a combination of raised dots as communication system for the blind, allows the sight-impaired to read by tactile recognition of these patterns. Printed surfaces with Braille code can now be manufactured by an innovative method - differing from the conventional high-relief embossing - coating. This technology allows to apply the Braille letters as coating dots using a nozzle applicator, which simplifies the production process while still complying with the respective standards.

Efficiency in the production and safe compliance with standards:

What makes the Braille letters readable is, apart from the dot diameter, above all the height of the dot relief. This– like all parameters of the Braille lettering – is governed by standards and should not be less than
0.5 mm. In addition to this general requirement for the design of Braille letters, a European marking and labelling obligation became legal on September 01, 2006, which stipulates for pharmaceutical producers that the outer packaging of medication (folding boxes) has to show information in Braille. For these products, a dot height of at least 0.2 mm (acc. to CEN – Comité Européen de Normalisation) is required by law.

No problem for the latest development of coatings from the PermaCoat® product family of Jowat AG. This allows to manufacture printed folding boxes with surfaces showing Braille dots. The dot heights reached may be 0.5 mm and more. The wide adhesion spectrum of this coating, in combination with its excellent flow properties through the nozzle and a fast hardening performance under UV light, facilitate inline processing and allow high line speeds for the manufacture of folding boxes.

This new Jowat coating remains permanently transparent, thereby ensuring a perfect visual appearance of the folding box. The tactile effect of the lacquered Braille dots promotes a clear readability of the information on the package.

Apart from the application "folding box", any and all printed products can be finished showing Braille letters when this special coating is used.