Successful cooperation: Magna International Inc. relies on adhesive know-how of Jowat AG

Detmold.- Jowat AG with headquarters in Detmold is one of the leading global suppliers of industrial adhesives. In cooperation with Magna International Inc. – a leading supplier to the automotive industry – Jowat AG developed a new adhesive for laminating door panels made of natural fibre/polypropylene- (NFPP) carriers. This adhesive is now successfully used in the serial production of the new Mercedes A-class.

When manufacturing vehicle interiors modern NFPP fibre mixtures are used due to their low weight. Their contribution to a reduction of the weight of a vehicle reduces the overall CO2 emission and provides a valuable contribution to our environment.

For laminating the NFPP carriers Magna International Inc. relies
- for reasons of process safety, the CO2 balance and cost efficiency -
on the adhesive competence of Jowat AG.

The new adhesive development from the Jowat-Toptherm® product family facilitates the lamination of these NFPP carriers with TPO decorative foil without a special pre-treatment. Contrary to today’s standard processes a flame pre-treatment of the NFPP carriers is no longer necessary prior to bonding. Besides the elimination of this additional energy-consuming processing step also significantly higher process reliability is obtained. Moreover, decorative foils pre-coated with the new Jowat-Toptherm® adhesive provide good storage stability and allow a decoupling of the actual adhesive pre-coating and subsequent laminating process. This facilitates not only more efficient use of the adhesive application unit, but also reduces waste, e.g. by exceeding the maximum processing time during interruptions in the production process.
Previously employed reactive adhesive systems had to be processed within a very short time frame of only a few hours after adhesive application. Implementation of this new adhesive system leads to a significantly improved efficiency and much higher production reliability.

„During this cooperation excellent know-how of materials and processes were as important as being flexible and providing extensive customer support during process development and part release. Because of our short decision-making channels, our profound knowledge in adhesive processing technologies and the proximity to the customer of our division and development experts, we met all expectations of the customer.” says
Dr Thomas Hohberg, Director Automotive Key Accounts at Jowat AG.