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Empack 2016: Intelligent adhesive systems for the packaging industry are an important factor for meeting today’s market requirements.

At the Empack 2016 trade fairs in Switzerland, the Netherlands and Germany, Jowat SE concentrates on innovative adhesive systems for the manufacture of packaging materials: foil lamination, shelf-ready packaging and bonding of modern woven sacks and similar carrier bags.

Detmold, March 2, 2016 – The participation of Jowat at the Empack 2016 in Zurich (Switzerland), Utrecht (the Netherlands) and Hannover (Germany) focuses on four adhesive solutions on current topics in the packaging industry.

Four smart adhesive solutions for four difficult challenges:

The first two solutions address folding boxes with cut-out windows used for primary packaging. Two processes are accomplished at the same time with a full-surface lamination covering the cut-out window and finishing the surface. An optional coating applied on the inside of the box provides an additional barrier function. This facilitates efficient processes, adds value to the product and prevents the migration of chemical components into the content when recycled cardboard is used.

The third solution focuses on popular shelf-ready packaging made of corrugated cardboard. A special tray design uses 180° folds at the removal opening to reduce the risk of injuries. Last year, Jowat developed several powerful hot melt adhesives with superior processing characteristics for bonding this 180° flaps with high restoring forces.

At the Empack trade fairs, Jowat also provides solutions for the demanding manufacture of carrier bags and sacks made of polypropylene (PP) woven, in addition to the already mentioned applications. The nonpolar surface makes polypropylene a very difficult material for bonding. The hot melt adhesives that Jowat SE supplies for this application are characterised by a very good wetting property, a superior bond strength and a high ageing resistance. Bag closing and the manufacture of sealing tape are further applications for Jowat adhesives.

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The Jowat booth at the Empack in Zurich is numbered B04 in hall 4, in Utrecht A113 in hall 1, and in Hannover C71 in hall 13.

Photos and captions:

Photo 1: Primary packaging:
Full-surface interior lamination provides a covered cut-out window as well as a barrier function for primary packaging.
Source: Jowat SE

Photo 2: Polypropylene woven:
Thermoplastic hot melt adhesives from Jowat are the perfect solution for demanding applications in the manufacture of carrier bags and sacks made of polypropylene woven.
Source: Jowat SE