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FachPack 2015: Industrial adhesives – Processing materials with many benefits

The 2015 campaign motto of Jowat SE “Think differently – better bonding” is also the headline for the enterprise’s participation at FachPack. On this trade show, Jowat will present new, innovative adhesives with a high potential benefit and that support manufacturers and packaging service providers in making processes more reliable.


Detmold, August 11, 2015 – At FachPack 2015, Jowat is positioning itself as problem solver that can think differently when it comes to bonding issues. Some examples of solving such tasks will be presented. Innovative adhesives are an important factor for reliable processes in the packaging industry. However, manufacturing conditions change fast and Jowat is constantly optimising products and improving its competence in technical support, to meet the new challenges.


Additionally to the new foil lamination adhesives, Jowat serves all current applications in the packaging industry with the right product, whether hot filling or deep-freeze products, barrier function or cut-out window bonding, demanding finishing steps for product presentation or outer packaging with complex designs.

Packaging production
NEW: Grooving, folding, embossing – Foil lamination on uneven cardboards.
Jowat provides a new high-end product for foil lamination. It was developed particularly for the lamination of printed cardboards that are used to manufacture packaging with superior finishing or very complex designs. The powerful Jowacoll® adhesive is an all rounder in this sector and does not require the addition of a crosslinker. This property along with the broad range of adhesion and a high, flexible strength makes this adhesive a reliable process supporter.

Folding box manufacturing
NEW: Window lamination
Foil lamination of cut-out windows is another application that requires specific adhesives. The current products of the group of Jowacoll® dispersions provide the choice for the packaging manufacturers to either apply the foils to the inside, possibly also as barrier function, or to the outside, with optimum surface effects all-over. These adhesives are specially designed for laminating pretreated OPP, PVC, and acetate foils on printed or unprinted papers and carton. They meet food contact regulations, are free of APEO and plasticizer, and are one-component adhesives with high durability and an excellent high-gloss effect.

Secondary packaging
NEW: Packaging with display and removal openings – Shelf-ready packaging with 180 ° flap bonding requires high tack.
The new shelf-ready packaging for various end products, especially from the food industry, is highly demanded, but difficult to manufacture. The challenging part is the 180 ° folding at the removal cut-out on the front of the box to avoid sharp edges. This kind of fold on outer packaging units, like special trays, is a new trend. Due to their excellent initial strength, Jowat hot melt adhesives can easily withstand the high restoring forces of these cardboard folds.

Product packaging
NEW: Barrier function for folding boxes
Currently, Jowat is already supplying adhesives that were specially developed to bond recycled cardboard with a barrier function against mineral oil migration. Developing the appropriate adhesive for the coated surface of these boards, requires from the adhesive chemists not only a high level of competence, but also the ability to “think differently”. These boards can have a very heterogeneous surface structure due to the high content of waste paper and the barrier coating applied. Nevertheless, these boards have the potential to become established as the standard product because waste paper is a very accessible raw material that also provides economic advantages over the use of virgin fibre paper.

Jowat at FachPack in hall 2 / 2-320


Photos and captions:

Photo 1
Packaging with display and removal openings – Shelf-ready packaging with 180 ° flap bonding requires high strength.
Source: Jowat SE

Photo 2
Industrial adhesives for window lamination with foil.
Source: Frip UK

Photo 3: Jowat brain as key visual for 2015 trade shows – cut out photo
The Jowat brain made of adhesives is used as the key visual for the trade show motto “think differently – better bonding”
Source: Jowat SE

Photo 4: Jowat brain as key visual for 2015 trade shows – with logo and trade show motto
FachPack 2015: Well-thought-out adhesive solutions from Jowat for better bonding performance
Source: Jowat SE