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PVC window profile wrapping: VOC-reduced and free of NEP primers

Flawless transition and high profitability confirmed by processors: Numerous processors converted existing lines to the new generation of primers after their introduction in spring 2015. New customers were acquired.

Successful launch of the VOC-reduced and free of NEP primers for PVC window profile wrapping.
The main advantages most cited by processers after having changed to the primers developed specifically for PVC window profile wrapping are:
1.    Investment protection – no new processing equipment required.
2.    Process reliability – no loss of quality even in case of slight overdosing.
3.    Profitability – higher efficiency because of reduced application amounts.
4.    Workplace safety and environmental protection – the elimination of hazardous labelling requirements facilitates easier handling and provides safer working conditions for employees.
And if processors weren’t already impressed by the lab results, they were definitely convinced by the considerably higher product quality after the conversion.

The introduction of the new generation of primers has been an international success story. After initial tests, large German corporations started using the new NEP-free products either exclusively or partially at their national and international manufacturing plants, or are about to do so. Even companies from abroad, e.g. from Benelux countries, the UK, Turkey, Asia and the USA, are benefiting each day from the technical, qualitative and economic advantages of the products, as well as from protecting the health of their employees and the environment.

Investment protection, process reliability and profitability.
The decision in favour of the new primers was taken by many processors after a rather short testing period within a few weeks. Since the product can be processed on the existing application equipment, the direct transition from conventional solvent-based primers to the free of NEP and VOC-reduced primers can be carried out without any additional investments. Processors do not need to invest into new, highly accurate dosing systems that are required for common VOC-reduced primers on the market that contain NEP, to avoid overdosing and subsequent entrapment of NEP in the laminated profile. Therefore, reactions that may lead to blistering or even foil delamination are now a thing of the past and process reliability is increased. In addition, the new primers have a lower VOC content, dry faster and provide a more even application pattern, which are all important parameters for a higher quality level and increased efficiency.

Supply capability: Jowat substitutes primers containing NEP from the product portfolio.
Jowat SE in Germany has almost completed the substitution process of primers containing NEP for window profile wrapping. Raw material stocks are full, manufacturing capacities are expanded and adjusted to meet the fast-growing demand for the free of NEP and VOC reduced primers. Delivery capability is ensured.
Products from the old generation are delivered only in special cases, based on individual customer inquiries. For instance, international customers who are required to use products from the previous generation due to specific national certifications are still supplied with the appropriate product.

The development goes on – Safeguarding the future with new adhesive system.
Jowat is currently developing and piloting innovative adhesive formulations for PVC window profile wrapping that will provide additional benefits when processed together with the new primer generation. The objective is to further optimise the chemical interaction between the primer and the adhesive already after the point of application and chemical crosslinking. Processors will benefit from even more efficient and reliable manufacturing operations due to improved processing characteristics and faster curing of the new adhesives.

The professional article is published in the Magazine 'Bauelemente Bau Ausgabe 3/2016' in German language. You can download the original article down below.