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Successful campaign start with Ligna and Interzum.

The 2015 communication campaign of Jowat is headed by the motto “think differently – better bonding” and it had a tremendous kick-off with the Ligna and the Interzum trade fairs.

Detmold, June 09, 2015 - Jowat draws a positive balance after its participation at the Ligna and – after many years of absence – at the Interzum trade fairs. This year’s presence at the Interzum comes after a long absence of several years. More national and even more international visitors showed interest in Jowat adhesive products and had important application matters to discuss. Compared to last year, a delightful plus of about 15 % in visitors could be observed, confirming the general trend for trade fairs. International guests also made up an over-average part of the professional audience at the Jowat booth at Interzum.

The main booth of Jowat at the Ligna 2015 was in hall 26. Conversations here focused mainly on PUR hot melts for edgebanding. These adhesives with increased initial strength facilitate customers to improve their efficiency further.
Jowat developed a special technology to produce reactive PUR adhesives in granulate form. This delivery form can be processed in standard melting units, enabling easy introduction or conversion to reactive adhesives.

The second Jowat booth at the Ligna focused on solid wood. Tightened legal restrictions raised the matter of formaldehyde-free products once again. Discussions centred on reactive 1-component PUR prepolymers for glulam and intelligent dispersions with additional functions.

Topics at the Interzum 2015 concentrated on one thing: Thermoplastic adhesives replacing water-based systems. From material selection through processing safety and efficiency to packaging – all sectors of mattress manufacturing profit from this clear trend.

The Jowat campaign “think differently – better bonding” continues and will include the topics of upcoming trade fairs (e.g. Fachpack). The campaign can be followed on our microsite throughout the entire year:

Background information:

Ligna 2015 Key topic at the main Jowat booth: Reactive PUR hot melts for edgebanding.

Reactive PUR hot melts, the high performers among adhesives, were the main subject in hall 26. The increased initial strength of Jowatherm-Reaktant® products can lead to faster production cycles and improve efficiency, which is why industrial customers of Jowat responded particularly positive to the expansion of this product line. Medium-sized companies and customers with small units were additionally interested while no further investment is needed: Due to the technology patented by Jowat for granulating PUR, standard melting units can be used to process reactive adhesive systems.

Topics at the booth focusing on solid wood: Reactive 1-component PUR adhesives for glulam and intelligent dispersions in moulded plywood, floor and furniture manufacture.

One of the two most discussed topics at this booth was how processes can be optimized, especially in regard to shorter pressing times and a better utilisation of capacities in glulam manufacture. The other topic was about the reduction of harmful substances, particularly formaldehyde. Consequently, many conversations focused on reactive PUR prepolymers. Not only was the basic absence of formaldehyde discussed, but also all the advantages in processing of reactive PUR adhesive systems. For instance, the ease of processing 1-component systems, the substantial reduction of application amounts, the optimized ratio of almost 1:1 between waiting and pressing time, and more ductile bondlines.
Because of formaldehyde, manufacturers of moulded plywood, finished floors, furniture elements and joinery are considering to switch from urea formaldehyde resin glues (that are still used to some extent nowadays) to the new and powerful dispersion adhesives. Additionally to the required reduction of formaldehyde, further functions integrated into the adhesive like electrical conductivity, product recognition or influencing the diffusion behaviour were also discussed.

Topics at the Interzum 2015: Thermoplastic adhesives replace water-based systems.

Thermoplastic, PO-based hot melts were the centre of attention at the Interzum. Water-based adhesive systems are gradually being replaced by them. The demand of powerful, process-compliant hot melts is increasing disproportionally due to the popularity of pocket innerspring mattresses. The advantages of Jowat-Toptherm® were the convincing factor in many conversations. The fast initial strength despite the low viscosity, the very good adhesion to various materials and the suitability for roll-packs are the key pros.

Photo 1:
Impression of the trade fair Ligna 2015
Source: Jowat SE

Photo 2:
Campaign logo of the key topic at Ligna 2015: Reactive PUR hot melts for edgebanding.
Source: Jowat SE