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Superior performance: Jowat SE given Supplier Award 2014 by Festool GmbH

Detmold,17 August 2015. For its outstanding performance in supplying adhesive for a newly introduced edgebander, Jowat was honoured with the Supplier Award 2014 in the category Newcomer by Festool GmbH.

Long-term relationships between customers and suppliers are not always necessary, before the supplier can prove to be an efficient and reliable provider of high-quality products. In less than two years, Jowat was able to convince Festool GmbH that it is not only the preferred provider of hot melt adhesives, but at the same time, also a very flexible and service-oriented partner during the launch of the new edgebander CONTURO KA 65 to the market.

There were many different criteria for the Supplier Award. During the award ceremony, additionally to the high level of commitment demonstrated by all parties involved in the implementation of the technical requirements regarding quality, packaging and logistics, the competent and customer-oriented project management was emphasised in particular. This was an absolute prerequisite to ensure a reliable supply with adhesive cartridges during the very successful introduction phase of the edgebander in 2014.

The CONTURO edgebander enables the finishing of edges in an easy and convenient way, from straight rectangular to complex freeform workpieces. Due to its versatility and simple operation, the new edgebander is the perfect solution for manufacturing individualised parts and for edging workpieces or furniture parts in small serial production. The unique feature is the special hot melt adhesive application system. It provides an efficient, simple and clean operation and fast colour changes. The adhesive cartridges for this particular application unit are delivered by Jowat, a worldwide leading supplier of hot melt adhesives for edgebanding.

According to the official Supplier Award statement, “Jowat accepted the challenges of the CONTURO market launch project and mastered them successfully, supplying the quality and quantity required in time. This contributed a great deal to the successful introduction to the market of the CONTURO edgebander.”

“The award makes us feel proud and is at the same time motivation to further improve our delivery performance and to secure a good cooperation in the future,” states Jochen Wehrstein, responsible Project Manager and Regional Manager Sales Southern Germany at Jowat SE.

Similar to the success story of the CONTURO edgebander, a new partnership with an equal outcome between Jowat SE, as a supplier of industrial adhesives, and Festool GmbH, as manufacturer of superior quality electrical and pneumatic tools for professionals as well as demanding customers, has just started.

Photos and captions:

Photo 1:
The Supplier Award 2014 from Festool GmbH for Jowat SE
Source: Jowat SE

Photo 2:
Presentation of the Supplier Award by Festool to Jochen Wehrstein, Regional Manager Sales Southern Germany at Jowat SE.
Source: Jowat SE

Photo 3:
Hot melt adhesive cartridges from Jowat for the Festool edgebander CONTURO KA 65
Source: Festool GmbH

Photo 4:
Insertion of a hot melt adhesive cartridge into the CONTURO KA 65 edgebander
Source: Festool GmbH