Drinktec 2013: Labelling and carton bonding are in focus of Jowat AG at the trade show - Polyolefin-based adhesive formulations for more efficiency in the manufacturing process

Detmold.- At this year's Drinktec in Munich, Jowat AG is focusing on innovative adhesive developments for the labelling and carton closing industries.

Manufacturing processes need to be designed for efficiency. To achieve this in the production steps labelling and carton closing, adhesives are required with good adhesion properties and especially high initial strength as the most important performance parameter. The products of the Jowat-Toptherm® family are based on polyolefin, specialized polymers with tailored characteristics meet these requirements to an outstanding degree.

Jowat-Toptherm® for labelling beverage packages

Whether in challenging production environments, (e.g. heat, cold, humidity), or for substrates that are easily deformed (for instance PET bottles), or in labelling applications where thin paper labels are used: The latest adhesive developments from Jowat AG are convincing due to high initial strength values, even at low adhesive application amounts, and a bond-line that tolerates the impact of torsional forces on the packages. New oil-free formulations guarantee no bleeding - in consequence the appearance of the label remains unchanged, making these Jowat-Toptherm® products especially suitable for bonding paper labels with very low grammage. A visible "staining" of the label due to liquid components of the adhesive is practically prevented – even after long storage times and changes in climate.

These members of the Jowat-Toptherm® family meet the regulations and recommendations for food contact according to the EC directive 10/2011 and FDA guideline 175.105, and also of the recommendations XXV and XXXVI of the BFR.

Jowat-Toptherm® for carton closing

The polyolefin (PO) based hot melt adhesives of the Jowat-Toptherm® product range show superior performance results for the bonding of secondary packaging cartons - even when carton blanks are joined under low pressure, which is often the case when beverage cartons are closed in the section around the bottlenecks. This requires adhesives where the open time can be easily adjusted by variable temperature settings, while maintaining fast build-up of strength. This enables the adhesive to offset the high residual forces inherent in the carton blanks. Jowat-Toptherm® products are suitable for both hot filling of up to 70 °C and deep freezing as low as -20 °C.

These members of the Jowat-Toptherm® family meet the regulations and recommendations for food contact of the EC 10/2011 and FDA guideline 175.105.