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Asia-Pacific: China Is Striving Towards High-Tech & Brands

A few years ago, many companies succumbed to a kind of ‘gold rush fever’ wherever business in the Far East was concerned. And then went under completely. Not so Jowat. The adhesive specialist operated in this region by taking small, well-prepared steps, and could become a key supplier in Asia. Talking to möbelfertigung are the Director of the Board of Jowat SE, Klaus Kullmann, and Dr Ralf Schelbach, Jowat Vice President Asia Pacific, on the topics strategic growth, development of the diverse markets, and the reasons why China will remain the top economic motor for the world.

The professional article is published the 27/4/2015 in the journal ‚möbelfertigung‘ Technologies & Strategies Edition 2015. You can download the article down below.