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Jowat at LIGNA 2017: Innovative adhesive solutions and a comprehensive service for bonding applications in the wood and furniture industry

The trade fair motto “Service unites” of Jowat highlights the benefits from the comprehensive service for innovative adhesive solutions provided by the adhesive manufacturer. Source: Jowat SE

At LIGNA 2017, Jowat is presenting innovative adhesive solutions under the headline “Service unites” with special product highlights for the wood-processing industry: a powerful portfolio of PUR hot melts for demanding applications in edgebanding, wrapping and flat lamination, UV-stable PUR hot melts for laminating transparent foils, patented PU dispersions for 3D applications, and PUR prepolymers for load-bearing glulam.

Jowat supports customers with a wide range of services for the entire bonding process. This includes a broad spectrum of powerful and tailored adhesives as well as a sound technological understanding of the different processes and applications, constant development, and highest requirements for the end product. The trade fair motto “Service unites” of Jowat highlights the benefits from a comprehensive service for innovative adhesive solutions: Close customer support, technical advisory service and quality control, as well as the transfer of know-how. In short: Understanding – Bonding – Performing.

In addition to presenting an extensive product portfolio and providing competent advisory service from bonding experts, Jowat is focusing on different applications in halls 12, 15 and 27 at LIGNA 2017.

PUR hot melts for demanding edgebanding applications
Jowat supplies PUR hot melts for superior edgebanding in all delivery forms for all standard application systems. A new unfilled PUR hot melt meets highest requirements for quality and appearance. The adhesive from the Jowatherm-Reaktant® series has a high yield and is the only unfilled PUR hot melt available in granulate form. Granulate facilitates easier processing and provides benefits especially to processors who use the superior PUR technology for the first time.

Environmentally compatible adhesives
Jowat also supplies monomer-reduced, reactive polyurethane adhesives for flat lamination, edgebanding and profile wrapping applications. Due to special formulations, these adhesives are not classified and do not need special labelling.

Powerful product portfolio for profile wrapping
Whether short process cycles, difficult to bond surfaces or highest technological requirements such as hydrolysis resistance – Jowat as supplier of innovative adhesive systems delivers a wide range of different products and provides the suitable adhesive solution for all requirements in profile wrapping applications. In addition to tried and proven EVA, PO and reactive PUR hot melts for the high-end sector, Jowat also delivers Toluene-, THF-, NMP- and NEP-free solvent-based primers as well as non-hazardous, water-based primers of the latest generation.

Special adhesive for transparent foils
Jowat provides a specially developed transparent PUR hot melt for the lamination of transparent foils in the manufacturing of high-gloss surfaces for furniture and design floors. The UV-stable and colourfast adhesive is characterised by high surface hardness and excellent flow properties – for permanent true colour brilliance.

Patented PU dispersions for 3D lamination
Jowat provides several patented one-component PU dispersions for 3D applications in the furniture industry. Due to high initial strength, these adhesives facilitate short process cycles and fully automated processes.

Load-bearing glulam and solid wood bonding
One-component PUR prepolymers from Jowat with approval for building purposes have been established in many load-bearing glulam applications, such as fingerjointing and laminated timber, as well as in applications with standard application technologies due to the specific processing parameters.
In addition, Jowat provides cutting-edge reactive dispersions for the manufacture of solid wood furniture and timber structural components. These adhesives meet the most stringent requirements for interiors “free of pollutants”.

Within the framework of the “LIGNA trainings” and following the motto “Service unites”, Jowat is organising adhesive bonding workshops at the pavilion next to hall 11 on May 23, starting at 10.00 a.m. Registration and further information on

Visit Jowat at LIGNA in hall 12 booth C84, hall 15 booth A16, hall 27 booth D31 (focus booth “solid wood bonding”).

For further information on the trade fair motto Service unites and where to find Jowat at the trade fairs, visit www.jowat.services.