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Sustainable Adhesives for Furniture Manufacturing

Caption: Jowat will be showcasing its products of the “Green Adhesives” series for furniture manufacturing at Holzhandwerk. Source: Jowat SE

Detmold, June 22, 2022—The adhesive manufacturer Jowat from Detmold has made sustainability the guiding principle for its trade fair participation at this year’s Holzhandwerk. The “Green Adhesives” product line follows a holistic approach to sustainability and moves aspects such as resource conservation, healthy living environments and occupational safety to the center of modern bonding processes in furniture manufacturing.

Sustainable and responsible joining processes go beyond the use of sustainably sourced raw materials, according to the adhesives expert Jowat. Therefore, the manufacturer’s “Green Adhesives” also contribute to the conservation of valuable resources and the protection of employees as well as end customers.

For example, processors can protect their employees during the application process and at the same time avoid high training costs by choosing a tried and trusted monomer-reduced PUR hot melt adhesive with hazard-free labeling. Jowatherm-Reaktant® MR 607.90 is one such hot melt adhesive with hazard-free labeling for general edgebanding purposes. It can be used for the bonding of established edgebands with through-feed edgebanders and is also supplied in the much demanded PUR granulate form. The premium grade Jowatherm-Reaktant® MR 608.90 facilitates high-quality bonding with virtually invisible bondlines for superior furniture designs. Transition to the modern, monomer-reduced adhesives can be very easy.

Low-emission adhesives of Jowat go yet a step further. As part of a responsible and sustainable bonding process, their use helps protect not only the processor but also the end customer. The dispersion adhesives Jowacoll® 103.10 and Jowacoll® 103.30 of the “Green Adhesives” series can impress with very low emissions of formaldehyde, plasticizers and other ingredients and support the manufacture of products with low emissions. The two dispersion adhesives meet durability class D3 and can be used for the bonding of hard and soft wood species as well as for the flat lamination of wood-based materials. In addition, Jowacoll® 103.30 has been classified as having “low flammability” characteristics at the specified application amount and may also be used for interior finishing in shipbuilding.

And not least, resource-conserving production processes can produce positive sustainability effects. In edgebanding, the unfilled PUR hot melt adhesive Jowatherm-Reaktant® 608.00, which is also available in granulate form, can support manufacturers in that regard. The colorless glue line, its wide range of adhesion, excellent thermal stability and high initial strength coupled with a significantly reduced application amount for thinnest bondlines make this adhesive a very attractive partner for highest requirements in furniture manufacturing. The low-temp hot melt adhesive Jowatherm® 282.20 facilitates energy savings in processing. This classic adhesive supports a sustainable minimization of manufacturing costs due to a significant reduction in energy consumption. In addition, it also optimizes safety at the workplace due to the reduced risk of burns.

Jowat will be showcasing its products of the “Green Adhesives” series for furniture manufacturing for the first time at Holzhandwerk in Nürnberg, hall 11.0, booth 310.