In addition to a wide range of bonding solutions from different adhesive systems, Jowat also provides advisory service and products for special applications.

Product series, characteristics and applications

Jowat® cyanoacrylate adhesives

Characteristics: Cyanoacrylate adhesives are also known as “instant glue” due to their very short curing times. The curing reaction by polymerisation starts as soon as the liquid, one-component adhesive comes into contact with water molecules. “Handling strength” is built up within a few seconds. The final strength of the bond, however, is reached only after up to 24 hours.
Cyanoacrylate adhesives are solvent-free and provide a hard, brittle, crystal-clear bondline. They are resistant to temperatures from -50 °C to +80 °C.
Application: For bonding many materials used in the wood-processing industry, in the electrical, electronics, rubber, and toy industries, as well as for precision mechanics and the optical industry. Not suitable for bonding glass. 

Jowat® release agents

Characteristics: Jowat draws on expertise not only in bonding, but also in breaking an adhesive joint. The Jowat portfolio also provides several special release agents for the wood industry, which facilitate an easy removal of dried adhesive remnants from treated parts.
Application: Coating of machine parts used for bonding, pressing, laminating and lacquering.

Jowat® hand cleaners

Characteristics: Wash-active substances. Excellent cleaning effect, economical, hygienic, mild and skin-friendly, renew protective fat content of the skin, free from silicone and terpene hydrocarbons, no abrasive additives which might clog drains and pipes. Pleasant smell and clinically tested.
Application: Remove adhesive residues within seconds mild and gently from the skin.

Jowat® cleaners

Characteristics: Surface cleaning agents based on solvents and on aqueous surfactants.
Application: Cold cleaners for adhesive and lacquer residues.

Jowat® UF resin

Characteristics: Urea formaldehyde resin (UF resin) in powder form with integrated hardener. Minimised bleeding-through due to optimally chosen and dosed thickeners.
Application: For bonding veneer, decor papers, HPL, CPL to wood and wood-based substrates in warm and hot presses, as well as for solid wood bonding. Frequently used in HF presses in the manufacturing of multilayer formed parts.

Jowat® flushing agents

Characteristics: A special additive in the formulation prevents the chemical reaction of the PUR hot melt adhesive during flushing.
Application: For flushing out applicator systems used for PUR hot melt adhesives.