Product Description

The PVAc-based adhesive Jowacoll® 119.60 has been established in the market for almost two decades and has maintained its value for trade and industry alike to this day. It impresses processors with an outstanding bonding strength and wide range of applications.

Jowacoll® 119.60 was developed with a special focus on surfaces which are difficult to bond, for example lacquered wood-based materials.

The characteristics of Jowacoll® 119.60 facilitate the gluing of flat surfaces as well as furniture frames (e.g. T-joints) or the bonding of decorative strips.
This universal talent can be used for joining a wide variety of difficult-to-bond materials. Other challenging surfaces, such as galvanized metal, can also be tackled with this adhesive. Jowacoll® 119.60 therefore provides a valuable contribution to facilitating a wide choice of materials in furniture manufacturing. For flawless and durable bonding.

Product Features

Jowacoll® 119.60

  • PVAc dispersion adhesive with a wide range of adhesion for bonding challenging surfaces.




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