Application Description

A Jowat fornece sistemas de adesivos hot melt e de dispersões para a fabricação de livros de encadernação plana (LayFlat), que são adaptados especificamente para essa aplicação. Os adesivos de dispersão, por exemplo, facilitam processos confiáveis e são adequados para diversos papéis devido à limpeza mínima, alta compatibilidade de máquinas, secagem rápida e processamento em linha. Mudanças frequentes de adesivos tornam-se obsoletas e uma ótima aderência a diferentes substratos é garantida. Portanto, os encadernadores têm total liberdade criativa ao usar a tecnologia LayFlat para produzir impressos visualmente atraentes que se abrem perfeitamente. Sem contenção de contornos, sem registros de impressão desalinhados, sem diferenças de cor. Para produtos de qualidade superior.

How are books bound?
Every bookbinder knows that the spine is where the pages of a book are bound together.

But is this always the case?
A new market development indicates that there is a totally new kind of bookbinding which is becoming more and more attractive: The LayFlat method. This unconventional method is used for coating each underside of a page which was previously printed (folded like a conventional 4-sided page) with adhesive and this is attached by bonding underside to underside.

Why all of this effort?
This is the only way of creating a book item which folds open perfectly flat and shows the print continuously from the left to the right side. No contour trapping, no misaligned printing registrations, no colour differences: one print, one picture, a double page of perfect appearance without a centre fold.
There are multiple applications for this technology. Currently, the introduction and first successes in the sector photo books are under way. In this application, an uninterrupted print and a good flat opening performance are most valued. Experience has shown clearly that the end customer accepts the production cost without questioning if he gets the respective quality in turn. But other applications can also be imagined and have already found market entry. Here an example which could be found in advertising: A car is photographed on a beach for an advertising campaign. The expenses for such an action are enormous. Since a car is represented in landscape format, this would be a perfect scenario for a lay-flat book. The expensive advertisement photo can be displayed across the entire double page without any restrictions. A great achievement for Marketing!


Further Applications

Further applications in the field of „Encadernação”