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More output and higher process reliability - Certified adhesives family impresses in the field

Jowat supplies Jowapur adhesives for glulam and cross-laminated timber

Jowat supplies Jowapur adhesives for glulam and cross-laminated timber

The new certified adhesives from the product family Jowapur 681.10 – 681.60 are becoming the product of choice for a constantly growing number of renowned manufacturers of glulam and cross-laminated timber. They are convinced that the new glues from Jowat facilitate the most efficient and reliable manufacturing processes in the field of cross-laminated timber and fingerjointed assemblies.

The product family Jowapur 681.10 – 681.60 supplied by the adhesives manufacturer Jowat from Detmold is certified according to EN 15425:2017 and provides a wide range of one-component PUR prepolymer adhesives for fingerjointed assemblies as well as for cross-laminated timber. Industrial processors can select freely from adhesives with assembly times between 10 and 60 minutes. Therefore they can choose the product that best meets the requirements for their process and realise an assembly time-pressing time ratio of up to 1:1. Jowat is convinced that this flexibility will allow a targeted optimisation of manufacturing processes and facilitate significant increases in capacity solely through the adhesive choice.

High efficiency in manufacturing applications
“Efficient and reliable manufacturing processes are paramount to our customers. There is no way around the new adhesives from Jowat if one wants to achieve the optimum result,” says Toni Rüegg, Product Manager at Jowat. “The potential of our new Jowapur adhesives is unlocked with great success on newly planned production lines as well as within the framework of modifications to existing application units. The feedback we have received from our customers who use the adhesives in their production has been positive without exception.”

High-tech fibres for strong bonding
In addition to the efficiency benefits provided by flexible assembly and pressing times, these adhesives from Jowat offer further advantages in the practical application. In particular, they actively support an optimisation of process reliability: “Our certified Jowapur adhesives contain reinforcing fibres developed specially for wood gluing applications,” explains Mr Rüegg. “In fingerjointing operations, those fibres ensure that the joined assemblies can be prevented from sliding apart during manufacturing or curing. In flat bonding applications, they reduce the risk of individual layers sliding apart during pressing.”

At the same time, the fibres minimise foaming during the curing process and therefore help prevent individual parts from adhering together when stacked or stored next to each other. Further positive effects are a longer service life of planing machines and less soiling of units and tools. “The new Jowapur adhesives are better at compensating for fluctuations in the production parameters compared to standard fibre-free PUR adhesives. Minor variations in the moisture content or from planing cannot be excluded in organic materials like wood, but they can be controlled better due to our more robust assembly,” adds Mr Rüegg.

High compatibility due to service
Established applicator systems do not have to meet special requirements for processing the fibre-filled 1-component PUR adhesives. The adhesives can be processed with all variations without limitations. Jowat advises interested processors to contact the adhesives manufacturer as early in the planning process as possible and to actively involve them in the planning of new production lines. This has traditionally been a major strength of the service-oriented adhesives expert from Detmold – a permanent focus on optimum bonding processes: The manufacturing process is evaluated on site together with the customer to determine the optimum adhesive technology before planning is started.

During the planning phase, Jowat takes care of the interface management between the customer, the supervisory body and the machine manufacturer, and shares the know-how of its application technology department with all project partners up to the productive process.

The article is published in the magazine ''Holzkurier BSP Special 2020" in German language. You can download the original article down below.