Product Description

☆☆☆☆☆ The Five Star Glue

When mixed with 15 percent of crosslinking agent Jowat® 195.60, the powerful two-component adhesive Jowacoll® Five Star 102.49 facilitates very strong bondings. With high resistance to water and good resistance to dry heat (see “Tensile strength”), the product ensures reliable and stable assemblies even under extreme conditions. In combination with an adequate surface protection, Jowacoll® Five Star 102.49 with crosslinking agent Jowat® 195.60 are therefore perfect for outside applications.



The high solids content of Jowacoll® Five Star 102.49 ensures short setting times even on wood with reduced moisture absorption. Therefore, almost any wood species can be bonded. Formed parts bonding is another application where Jowacoll® Five Star 102.49 shows its strength. Due to a very hard glue film, the adhesive withstands the high tensions and keeps the substrates perfectly in shape.


Application Description

Copolymer dispersion for bonding hard wood species (e.g. oak, beech), species with high resin content (e.g. pine), tropical wood species (e.g. teak, meranti), wood with moisture content up to 15 %, as well as chemically (e.g. Accoya®) and thermally treated wood. For assemblies exposed to direct weathering, with adequate surface protection, e.g. for window scantlings, formwork panels, doors, outside furniture, furniture for moist environments, parquet manufacturing, sandwich elements and window manufacturing.

Product Features

✓ Especially for Bonding:

  • modified wood, e.g. Accoya® or thermally treated wood
  • hard wood species and species with high resin content
  • tropical wood species, e.g. teak and meranti
  • wood with moisture content up to 15 %
Durability Class: D4

Classification According to EN 204

The tensile strength of Jowacoll Five Star 102.49 is considerably higher than the requirement for the D4 durability class (according to EN 204).

Bond strength: 10,4 N/mm²

Bond strength acc. to EN 14257 (WATT 91)

The tensile strength results of the heat resistance tests according to EN 14257 (Watt 91) at 80 °C are >10 N/mm². The results are therefore better than the recommended value of only >7 N/mm² for window scantling manufacturing.

Durability class Conditioning sequence Min. values acc. to EN 204 in N/mm2 Jowacoll® Five Star 102.49 Av. value of adhesive strength in N/mm2
D4 1 ≥ 10 11,3
D4 2 ≥ 4 7,9
D4 5 ≥ 4 5,6


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