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The lamination of instrument panels with real leather for vehicles represents a particular challenge. Commonly used waterbased PU dispersions require a sufficiently high pressure to achieve a good bond. The lamination of the temperature- and pressure-sensitive compound made of natural leather and a spacer fabric is therefore an extremely critical process. The ideal solution would be an adhesive which can be processed at a moderate temperature and low pressure, and at the same time meets the demands of the most challenging climate zone inside an automobile.
With Jowatherm-Reaktant® 613.18, the sewn covering and the spacer fabric can be easily positioned, since the adhesive surface is tack-free. An adequate fixation of the materials is easily achieved with holding profiles and hot air activation. A pressing temperature around 70 to 80 °C
is sufficient to reach the necessary activation temperature of 55 to 60 °C in the bondline. The completely pressed instrument panel can be removed from the warm pressing device.

The initial adhesive strength is sufficient – even without cooling-down under pressure. Besides all of these convenient features which this adhesive has to offer - compounds of superior quality are produced. In alternating climatic tests, exposure levels above 120 °C will be passed, in spite of the high tensile stress developing due to the shrinkage of the real leather.
Compared to other bonding technologies, the process advantages offered by Jowatherm-Reaktant® 613.18 are numerous. Application of the adhesive to one bonding partner is absolutely sufficient, while the typical spray application method used for PU dispersions mostly requires adhesive application to both substrates.Compared to the liquid systems, spraying of Jowatherm-Reaktant® 613.18 only develops minimal overspray. This saves on adhesive and considerably reduces maintenance of the machine. As for any hot melt adhesive, no drying or pre-drying periods must be observed. The adhesive is immediately block-free after application and ready to use for subsequent processing steps.

Application Description

Jowatherm-Reaktant® MR 613.18  is a laminating adhesive for the manufacture of interior trim for vehicles.



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