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Customer Information

New product labelling

Starting from 01.01.2016 the best-before date (BBD) will be printed as a standard information on all product labels of the Jowat Group.



New product, following the best example. Jowacoll® 107.20 – one-component D4 dispersion for solid wood bonding.

A new Jowat adhesive provides excellent results – not only during certification, but also in the field on the production lines of the first...

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NEW: New, low-emission foil adhesive for floorings and doors

A new Jowat dispersion adhesive received the highest classification A+ from “Émissions dans l’air interieur,” currently the strictest rating...

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NEW: Jowacoll® 764.45 – 1-component dispersion for highest requirements in high-end printing foil lamination.

Detmold. 17th September 2015 - A new lighthouse product from Jowat, a 1-component dispersion takes the lead among water-based adhesives for...

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Trade fairs

Come visit Jowat at the ISPA EXPO in Orlando, March 09 - 12!

ISPA EXPO is the world’s largest trade show exclusively for the mattress industry! Mattress producers come to ISPA EXPO for efficient “one-stop” shopping to fill their equipment, component, and service needs.


Come visit Jowat at the M&M furniture and wood in Bogota, March 09 - 12!

The M&M furniture and wood is the most important exhibition event of Colombia and uniquely bringing together every two years the most important suppliers of industry - national and international.


Come visit Jowat at the ASC Spring Convention & EXPO in New Orleans,
April 18 - 20!

This three day event will include concurrent technical sessions focusing on business development and market trends, government relations issues, and advanced technology.


Distributor in the U.S.A.

Professional articles

Reduction to essentials – with increasing demands in quality

The selection of an adhesive and the application amount used are both crucial for a perfect end product. This is why various criteria have to be considered when planning for production: What are the defined quality criteria for the end product?


Cap, Straw, End-of-line

All that’s wanted is a good bond Challenging ambient conditions for adhesive manufacturers. Beverages not only come in endless flavours, they are also supplied in many different packages, and especially the carton units for liquid beverages come in endless varieties of shapes.


State of the art on the way to the future

Moisture-curing PUR hot melt adhesives are more frequently used in superior furniture manufacturing, especially when a perfect bondline is required. Reactive PUR hot melt adhesives can now be processed on standard machines as well.


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About Jowat

Jowat SE with headquarters in Detmold is one of the leading suppliers of industrial adhesives. These are mainly used in woodworking and furniture manufacture, in the paper and packaging industry, for graphic arts, in the textile, automotive as well as in the electrical industry.

The company was founded in 1919 and has manufacturing sites in Germany in Detmold and Elsteraue, plus four other producing subsidiaries, Jowat Corporation in the USA, Jowat Swiss AG, Jowat Manufacturing in Malaysia, and the Jowat Universal Adhesives Australia Pty. Ltd. in Australia.

The supplier of all adhesive groups is manufacturing over 73,000 tons of adhesives per year, with around 1000 employees.

A global sales structure with 20 Jowat sales organizations plus partner companies is guaranteeing local service with close customer contact.

Jowat as employer

Working for the worldwide leading company for the production and supply of industrial adhesives. Would you like to get to know more about the "World of bonding" and your future at Jowat SE?

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