A sector in transition

Structural change is the key term in the graphics industry. Rarely has an industry undergone so many changes in such a short period, Print businesses become media service providers. Special configurations, customisations and print-on-demand are reshaping the market. To safeguard success, enterprises have to be versatile.
Under these circumstances, leading companies in the graphics industry have relied on innovation partnerships in their competence network, which provide products and services that support efficiency, versatility and high performance.

Manufacturers of industrial adhesives have to supply the graphics industry with suitable products for a growing number of different applications and increasing speeds. With an extensive expertise in all processes from paper manufacturing to the highly finished surface, Jowat successfully supports clients with innovative solutions for all adhesive applications. Customers rely on competent advisory and modern, powerful adhesives.

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Print finishing

High line speeds, highest demands on quality and appearance. Finishing steps become more and more diversified and the degree of finishing increases continuously. In the manufacture of superior surfaces, all parameters are used at their fullest potential to provide the best results.


Choosing the suitable adhesive for bookbinding depends on many different parameters. For instance on the manufacturing requirements and methods, but also on the purpose of the printed product. With a wide range of hot melt and dispersion adhesives, Jowat is the perfect partner for the manufacture of books, magazines and catalogues.