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Low-temp Hot Melt Adhesives: Part of Jowat Green Adhesives

Sustainability is diverse. This is not just about the use of renewable resources or recycled materials, but about so much more. The reduction of energy costs is also the focus of companies that have committed themselves to environmental and climate protection. Finally, the ongoing optimization of job security also plays a key role. Jowat Green Adhesives contribute to these goals and help companies to make their bonding processes – and thus also part of their everyday business – more sustainable and responsible.


Save Resources and Reduce Costs without Compromise: Jowat-Toptherm® 851.99!

Jowat-Toptherm® 851.99 helps processors save resources due to low energy and material consumption and provides an efficient opportunity for more sustainable processes. The benefits of
Jowat-Toptherm® 851.99 are particularly pronounced in packaging applications of temperature-sensitive products, e.g. sweets or frozen food, due to the markedly reduced application temperature.

The modern hot melt adhesive is based on a formulation with a MOAH content below the typical detection limit and is therefore an equally interesting partner for producers of dry or fatty foods with a long shelf life. However, the range of applications reaches far beyond the examples given: The low processing temperatures provide a significant potential for energy savings in many applications.

Product Features

Jowatherm-Toptherm® 851.99

Processing temperatures starting from 99 °C
• Energy savings of up to 45 %
• Improved occupational safety due to reduced risk of burning

High stability in the melt
• Significantly lower tendency of formation of oxidative deposits that can clog nozzles and lead to standstills and elevated maintenance costs

Very clean string cut-off at the nozzle
• Up to 80 % less soiling caused by stringing compared with other hot melt adhesives available on the market
• Soiled machine parts, soiled packaging and the waste of adhesive are minimized effectively

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