Product Description

Jowat® SE polymers are two-component adhesive systems with outstanding adhesion properties, which combine the benefits of high-strength epoxy resins and elastic MS polymers. The full strength of these adhesives is demonstrated especially in gluing applications with surfaces that are difficult to bond. The elastic joint allows a tolerance compensation between parts with high power transmission at the same time. Jowat® SE polymers are free of isocyanates, solvents, plasticisers and silicones. Jowat® SE polymers facilitate non-aging bondlines with a permanent heat resistance up to 90 °C.

In addition, the adhesives can also withstand shortterm exposure to higher temperatures, for instance in heat curing processes of powder coatings. After complete curing, the adhesive can be painted. The products are available in cartridges for manual application as well as in large containers for industrial processes with 2-component dosing and mixing units. The strength and outstanding adhesion of Jowat® SE polymers makes them reliable and extremely versatile solutions for manual and industrial assembly processes.

Product Features

Jowat® 690.00

  • Combination of high-strength epoxy resins and elastic MS polymers
  • Wide range of adhesion
  • Overpainted ability after final curing
  • Bubble-free bondlines and joints


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