Competent bonding solutions for the wood industry

Attractive and modern designs, high resistances and a permanent durability of the product are common expectations in virtually all sectors of the booming wood industry. Like no other material, wood stands for quality and naturalness, and is a true “all-rounder” – it can be used for load-bearing structures in construction as well as for kitchen worktops, tables, chairs, windows or floors.
Due to the very unique requirements for the different products, choosing the suitable adhesive is of utmost importance for a smoothly running manufacturing process and a superior quality of the product.

Environmentally friendly and healthy living conditions as well as sustainability and therefore a substantial reduction of harmful emissions – also from the adhesive – play a major role in all applications. Jowat offers a deep expertise from many years of experience in the wood industry, provides competent adhesive solutions for all applications and is a reliable partner for all steps of the bonding process.

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Solid wood processing

Whether window scantlings, Single- and multilayer solid wood boards or bonding of treated wood – our adhesives ensure first-class joints. Moreover, manufacturers of wood elements for load-bearing construction purposes face great challenges.

Processing of wood-based materials

The finishing of wood-based materials includes many different applications in which wood is frequently processed in combination with other materials for furniture manufacturing, structural elements production or other manufacturing sectors. Jowat supplies the suitable adhesive solution for each application.

When the suitable adhesive is chosen for the processing of wood-based materials, for instance to manufacture parquet floors, the top layer of the substrate plays a major role. Jowat provides modern reactive dispersion and hot melt adhesives for different requirements.