Application Description

Clips and retainers

The Jowat adhesive portfolio also supplies PO and PUR hot melts which have been optimised for the diverse requirements in all individual bonding applications for clips and retainers in cars. The latest generation of PO hot melts are suitable for bonding clips and retainers as well as for edgefolding purposes and for flat lamination, and therefore facilitate extremely efficient manufacturing processes.


In the assembly of headlights, adhesives are used to join the lens with the housing and also take over the essential function of a sealant and protect the sophisticated technology from water.  Black coloured PUR hot melts provide protection against high sun exposure. 

Convertible tops

Adhesives used in convertible tops also have to meet demanding requirements. Even after strong sun exposure and at high temperatures, the adhesive has to remain flexible and provide excellent resistance to hydrolysis. For a superior appearance and UV resistance, the high-performance PUR adhesives for convertible tops are also in black colour.

Silver coloured cabriolet with a convertible soft top

Product Information


Base Viscosity [mPas] /
Temperature [°C]
temperature [°C]
Open assembly time [s] /
Temperature [°C] /
µm Film
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Jowatherm-Reaktant® 610.60 PUR hot melt adhesive 13000 / 120 110 - 130 110 / 120 For general assembly operations, e.g. in the electrical and automotive industries. de en fr

The products listed only represent a limited selection of the available product portfolio. Product availability might differ by region. The technical data, characteristics and field of application provided in the table outline the differences between the individual adhesives of the product portfolio. Our Application Technology Department and our Sales Representatives are on hand to provide advice and support you finding the best adhesive for your particular application.

Note: The information on this page is based on test results from our laboratories as well as on experience gained in the field, and does in no way constitute any guarantee of properties. Due to the wide range of different applications, substrates, and processing methods beyond our control, no liability may be derived from these indications nor from the information provided by our free technical advisory service. Customer trials under everyday conditions, testing for suitability at normal processing conditions, and appropriate fit-for-purpose testing are absolutely necessary. For the specifications as well as further information, please refer to the latest technical data sheets.