Innovations for the Ligna 2013: Attractive adhesives – powerful, efficient, ecological!

Detmold.- Jowat AG with headquarters in Detmold is one of the leading global suppliers of industrial adhesives. At this year's Ligna in Hanover, Jowat AG will be presenting innovative adhesive systems for the wood, construction and furniture industries. Among other highlights, Jowat AG will introduce the latest developments for surface lamination, PVC window profile wrapping, and assembly of laminated timber.

For the sector surface lamination, PO hot melts are used, for instance the new Jowat-Toptherm® 236.30. The performance spectrum of this adhesive covers for example highest surface quality and lowest VOC emission.
The high impact resistance (Shore hardness) of Jowat-Toptherm® 236.30 reduces pattern transfer on the surface which might occur on laminated components when stacked. This positive effect can still clearly be measured at higher temperatures, even up to 80 °C.

The reduction of VOC emissions is possible with modern PO adhesives like Jowat-Toptherm® 236.30. Adhesive formulations based on the new PO polymers only require low resin quantities for achieving the required tack. These adhesive formulations with low resin amounts lead to a substantial reduction in VOC emissions.
Another clear improvement of impact resistance could be achieved with Jowatherm-Reaktant® 603.80, a clear PUR hot melt adhesive used above all in lamination applications with high-gloss foils. This PUR hot melt adhesive exhibits a wide spectrum of adhesion which will make it suitable for numerous material combinations and decor variations.

The wrapping of PVC windowframe profiles demands adhesives that provide a wide adhesion spectrum, high initial strength, and which at the same time have a short crosslinking time. The new Jowatherm-Reaktant® 604.20 is the result of a consequent improvement in this sector. In combination with the new Primer Jowat® 406.82  that does not require hazard labelling, it permits not only a shorter time for the profiles in storage before further processing or shipping, and also enhances workplace safety and environmental protection.
These positive aspects of Jowatherm-Reaktant® 604.20 are complemented by a superior bonding result, and excellent resistance to heat and hydrolysis.

When glulam is assembled to laminated timber for applications in load-bearing wood construction, the adhesives should offer long processing and short pressing times. The long open time of the new Jowapur® 686.70 makes this adhesive the product of choice for processes where large batches (high number of pieces) or large structural components are manufactured. The relation of open time to pressing time is practically 1:1 when the processing parameters are observed, with significantly optimized production costs.