Jowatherm-Reaktant® MR 608.90

Jowat develops new monomer-reduced PUR hotmelt adhesive for edgebanding without GHS labelling.

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Formaldehyde emission

The new Jowacoll® PVAc dispersions have high strength values and are also very low in formaldehyde.

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Dispersions from Jowat – Made in Germany

Since the early days of Jowat, water-based adhesive systems have been part of its portfolio. Discover the wide range of applications of dispersion adhesives developed and manufactured by Jowat in the past, today, and in the future to meet your requirements – dispersions made in Germany.



Sustainable bonding with Jowatherm® GROW

High energy efficiency, very clean processing and a high content of bio-based raw materials: Jowatherm® GROW packaging adhesives from Jowat,...

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Jowat SE announces new Head of Sales

Kay-Henrik von der Heide to take over leadership role from Ulrich Schmidt.

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Jowat to present product highlight for window profile wrapping

Jowat SE’s first non-hazardous and certified PUR adhesive for window profile wrapping to demonstrate once more the enterprise’s innovative...

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Professional articles

Dispersions at work – versatile and trusted wood adhesives

Since their development in the 1950s, dispersion glues have become the ideal partner for the wood and furniture industry as well as for...


Surfaces with a big impact - Lacquer glues in the last 25 years

Requirements for lacquer glues have steadily increased in the last 25 years. This development is driven primarily by new surface finishes as...


Multifaceted and durable - Optimum adhesives for all processes in window profile wrapping

Specialised high-performance adhesives are essential to realising a wide design variety and superior functional characteristics in efficient...


Trade fairs

Visit Jowat at trade fairs!

Whether in Europe, Asia or America - you will find us at many international trade fairs around the wood and furniture, the paper and packaging and the automotive and textile industries.

We are looking forward to your visit.

the overview

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Jowat SE, con quartier generale in Detmold è uno dei principali fornitori di adesivi industriali. I principali campi di applicazione sono il settore del legno ed arredo,quello della carta ed imballo, delle arti grafiche nell'industria tessile, automobilistica ed elettrica.

L'azienda, fondata nel 1919 ha stabilimenti produttivi in Germania, Detmold ed Elsteraue e altri quattro siti produttivi: Jowat Corporation negli USA, Jowat Svizzera e Jowat Manufacturing in Malesia.

Il gruppo Jowat produce complessivamente 90.000 ton di adesivi per anno, ed impiega circa 1200 persone.

Con una rete vendita di 23 filiali Jowat e moltissime aziende collegate siamo in grado di garantire un servizio capillare con uno stretto conttatto con il cliente.

Lavorare in Jowat

Lavorare per una azienda capofila nella produzione e commercializzazione di adesivi industriali. Vorresti saperne di più riguardo al "Mondo dell'incollaggio" ed al tuo futuro in Jowat SE?

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