Techtextil 2013: New thermoplastic and reactive adhesives for more process reliability in the manufacture of technical textiles.

Detmold.- Jowat AG with headquarters in Detmold is one of the leading global suppliers of industrial adhesives. At this year's Techtextil in Frankfurt, Jowat AG is presenting new and powerful hot melt adhesives for many areas of application in the industrial manufacture of technical textiles.

Whether based on polyolefin (PO) or polyurethane (PUR), whether thermoplastic or reactive: The new hot melt adhesives from Jowat AG have been developed especially for the production environments and applications of these industrial sectors: garment manufacture, cleaning, building, medical and hygiene textiles, PVC tablecloths, sanding paper, and for cover textiles in the furniture and mattress industry.

Jowatherm®-Reaktant: New reactive hot melt developments for the manufacture of cleaning textiles, PVC tablecloths and sanding papers:

Reactive hot melt adhesives are the top performers among the hot melts. They are used when manufacturing conditions or the processing environments for technical textiles are very challenging. This is for instance the case in high speed production lines of scrub pads which demand superior initial strength of the bond between the two substrates sponge and scrub fleece (abrasive material) to facilitate immediate downline processing. The reactive products of the Jowatherm®-Reaktant product family can here show their outstanding characteristics. Good flow is required for the manufacture of mops, a property which the PUR hot melt adhesives of the Jowatherm®-Reaktant family combine with fast hardening (tack and blockfree) to support direct cutting. This ensures that the downline steps of the processing chain can intervene without delay. These PUR adhesives are suitable for application by spray method, rotating applicator head, and also for roller application. They also have superior resistance levels to high temperature, washing cycles, and detergents, as required for cleaning textiles.

New: The latest product development from the Jowatherm®-Reaktant range of products allows to reach superior results when laminating fleece to thermoplastic PVC foils. A PUR hot melt adhesive is now available for low temperature roller coater application directly onto the PVC foil - leading to minimal thermal stress on the PVC foil and thereby increasing process reliability in the manufacture of PVC tablecloths.

The adhesives supplied by Jowat AG for the assembly of sanding paper are outstanding due to their high green strength and are suitable for application with slot nozzles or roller coaters. A durable high-strength material compound is ensured by a PUR hot melt of the product family of Jowatherm-Reaktant®. This can be embossed after only 24 h and is resistant to the mechanical and thermal stress which a sanding or emery paper has to withstand when in use.

For cost-efficient manufacture of textiles used in the construction industry.

Polyolefin-based adhesives are the innovative hot melt adhesives with a wide adhesive spectrum, favourable processing parameters and low application grammages: good for product quality and cost-efficiency.

Excellent adhesion at reduced application amounts, very good temperature resistance and a surface which is steam-permeable: These challenges are met by the new PO hot melt of the Jowat-Hightherm® group, used in the manufacture of roofing liners and suitable for application by slot nozzle or Curtain Coating.

The production of roof ridge insulation on reels, Jowat AG is introducing a PO hot melt of the Jowat-Hightherm® product family which provides excellent adhesive properties on the substrate aluminium. This product also develops high initial strength, allowing fast downline processing of this construction material after the actual process of bonding.

The innovative adhesives by Jowat AG can be supplied in a wide spectrum, and are designed for efficient production sequences and superior quality of the end product.