Legal notice

Gluing as one of the most efficient methods of bonding is constantly gaining importance and expanding into new areas of application. At the same time, the number of substrates to be bonded is also growing at an unprecedented rate. New methods and equipment to process adhesives are developed.

The in-house R & D departments of Jowat are responding with intensive efforts to keep pace with these constant changes. A highly qualified team of chemists and engineers is using the latest techniques and brightest ideas to provide the utmost in advice our customers and to make sure that they get the adhesive which meets their needs.

Our information is based on test results from our laboratories as well as on experience gained in the field by our customers. This advice, however, cannot cover all eventualities for each specific application and as such is not binding for us. Please, contact our technical service department in each case to find out what the actual technical state of development for the respective product is, and request the latest data sheet. Any use of our product without this precautionary measure would be your sole responsibility.

The processing company itself must therefore test the adhesives manufactured by us for suitability in each individual case. This applies to the first use of a sample as well as to modifications during an ongoing production.

We are therefore requesting all our new customers to test our adhesives for suitability on original parts at conditions equal to normal processing conditions. The bond has then to be subjected to the actual stress which it would undergo when in use and has to be assessed. This test is absolutely necessary.

Customers who undertake modifications during a running production are requested to pass this information on to us. Please notify us when machines are set to new parameters as well as when the substrates to be bonded are changed. Only then will Jowat be able to provide our most up-to-date information to the processor using our adhesives.

The information given is based on practical experience and on results of tests in our laboratory, and does in no way constitute any guarantee of properties. No liability may be derived from these indications nor from the recommendations made by our technical advisory service.