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Stands the Test of Time - Jowat® 690.00 | A Good Choice Since 2003

High-Performance 2c SE Polymer Adhesive for (Almost) All Purposes

Outstanding Adhesion Properties and Permanently Elastic Joints

Jowat® 690.00 product page

Jowat® SE polymers are two-component adhesive systems with outstanding adhesion properties, which combine the benefits of high-strength epoxy resins and elastic MS polymers. The full strength of these adhesives is demonstrated especially in gluing applications with surfaces that are difficult to bond. The elastic joint allows a tolerance compensation between parts with high power transmission at the same time. Jowat® SE polymers are free of isocyanates, solvents, plasticisers and silicones. Jowat® SE polymers facilitate non-aging bondlines with a permanent heat resistance up to 90 °C.