Jowat AG – ZOW 2013: Intelligent bonding systems 3.0 Industrial adhesives with functional added values

Detmold.- Jowat AG with headquarters in Detmold is one of the leading global suppliers of industrial adhesives. Beyond the development of innovative adhesives, Jowat AG is consistently drawing on its profound cross-industry know-how to integrate a wide added value spectrum into the bonding processes of its customers.

The ZOW 2013 is the platform to highlight the outstanding perfor-mances of the Jowacoll® dispersions, the Jowat-Toptherm® and the Jowatherm-Reaktant® hot melt adhesives.  Added functional product values like reduced flammability, degree of gloss, surface hardness, breathability and sustainability are the key words.

The topic of fire protection is extremely complex, which is reflected in the numerous regulations that differ widely according to the respective areas of application and legislations. In many applications where products with flame-retardant properties are required – on water and on land – Jowat adhesives are used. Customers not only benefit from the product performance but also rely on a competent advisory service. Adhesives from the Jowacoll® product family are used to manufacture flame-resistant doors, walls and ceiling elements in marine interiors, but also for interior finishing operations in buildings. These are applications where the adhesive not only functions to support the general strength properties of the structures, but above all, it provides added value with regard to flame-resistance respectively low flammability.

High gloss furniture fronts are more than a trend in modern furniture design. The degree of gloss of the components is additionally enhanced when a colourless, transparent, and crosslinking hot melt of the product group of Jowatherm-Reaktant® is used. This hot melt also offers a wide adhesion spectrum, multiplying the possible material combinations and decors.

Modern production technologies for furniture surfaces create new challenges for the performance of a hot melt adhesive. One of the marks of quality is the surface hardness of a coating. Adhesives of the Jowat-Toptherm® product range have outstanding impact resistance (Shore hardness) – even at elevated temperature. Surface indentations, for instance when freshly laminated components are stacked, are clearly reduced with these new hot melt types.

Modern vehicle seats represent a combination of ergonomics and comfort. For upholstery and seat covers, innovative technical textiles are used which are frequently composed of breathable multiple-layer compound laminates. The polyurethane hot melts of the Jowatherm-Reaktant®PUR Tex product group are specifically developed for this purpose and offer an optimum “breathability“ for these textile compounds. They provide superior ventilation and regulate heat and moisture of the textile-covered seats.

Jowat AG considers sustainability - under ecological, economical and social aspects - to be a crucial factor in the development of new adhesive formulations. Part of this strategic direction is the integration of additional advantages to allow customers to generate added value in their production processes. Jowat AG therefore considers itself to be a partner in innovation for its customers, consistently utilizing the existing comprehensive cross-industry know-how, to develop innovative adhesives that provide multifunctional features.