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Freedom of choice and a clear view: Jowacoll® dispersions for full surface lamination of cut-out windows.

Windows, that’s clearly the trend. But what‘s first choice? The full surface lamination of a decorative package on the inside with additional barrier function, or rather the full surface lamination with gloss effects on the outside? Both are possible – and always with a clear view.

A new engineering technology makes it possible: Laminating cut-out windows in packages with a foil covering the entire surface is by now a production technology that has reached market maturity. The advantages are clear at hand: The windows are more even, the compound with the carton is more uniform, and the transitions are better protected.

Windows in packages allow products to be seen. This increases the appeal of the package as well as of the goods. The high-quality window patching in the form of a sectional lamination is, however, a very demanding production technology.

More reliable processing and interesting advantages are on the other hand offered by the full surface lamination. This can be carried out on either the outside or the inside of a packaging carton. One advantage of the foil lamination on the inner surface is for instance the barrier function against numerous migrating substances, ensured by lamination with suitable foils. The barrier properties of the foil prevent any migration of the substances into the content, and vice versa no diffusion of substances can take place from the packaged goods. Discussions like for instance the migration of print inks from the cartons are now obsolete. The oils contained in packaged products can no longer penetrate, so the quality of the package remains unimpaired. When the lamination covers the outside of a package, this also offers additional advantages provided by the new foils, like increased scratch resistance, gloss, and protection against exterior impact factors.

For the laminating adhesives, both versions of the full surface window lamination represent very tough challenges, differing from one case to the next. The new products of the group of Jowacoll® dispersions provide the choice for the packaging manufacturers to either apply the foils to the inside, in this case maybe even with a barrier function, or to the outside, with optimum surface effects all-over. The adhesives are special products for lamination of pretreated OPP, PVC, and acetate foils on printed or unprinted papers and carton. They are approved for food contact, free of APEO or plasticizers, can be used in one-component form, and are 100 % transparent.

Fair information: You can find Jowat at the “Empack 2015“ respectively at the parallel “Packaging Innovations 2015“ on January 28 and 29, 2015, at the Hamburg Fair in hall A, booth No. A8.