As the importance of packaging increases, so does the variety. Manufacturers change the packaging more frequently; lifecycles are reduced significantly. At the same time, the material surface becomes more and more challenging due to superior finishing. While the visual aspect is important, the packaging also has to be functional and serve a purpose. Practical, lightweight packaging is easy to handle and provides great benefits for the consumer. At the same time, modern packaging solutions are innovative and sustainable.

In food packaging manufactured from recycled paper, barrier coatings and foils protect the contents against migration of harmful substances. While requirements with regard to quality, flexibility and productivity are increasing, sustainability is also a major concern in production. This is addressed with more energy efficient processes and a lower consumption of packaging materials.

Powerful and innovative adhesives from Jowat excel in every part of the value chain in the packaging industry. Adhesive solutions from Jowat meet the highest requirements with regard to energy efficiency, food safety, and superior finishing, and facilitate state of the art packaging processes, also in special applications.

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Corrugated cardboard packaging and folding boxes

Packages well received! Perfectly bonded secondary and primary packaging. As a durable packaging material used to get the product from point A to point B, corrugated cardboard plays an important role in the supply chain of the packaging industry. Folding boxes used for primary packaging protect the goods during transport and, with a superior finishing, ensure a highly attractive product presentation at the point of sale.

Clear folding boxes

A real eye-catcher! Clear folding boxes are available in a huge variety of geometries and finishings. With a clear view of the goods inside, these boxes provide a highly attractive product presentation.


Flexible packaging

All-round packaging! Every day, all kinds of goods are transported in flexible packaging, such as sacks, bags or pouches. Depending on the goods inside and the production process, this packaging form is available in a variety of different materials and geometries. Adhesives play a key role in manufacturing processes on highly complex, high speed production lines.

Packaging lamination

Jowat supports manufacturers in the packaging industry with innovative adhesive solutions, like modern dispersion adhesives for laminating of packaging with superior finishing and embossed surfaces.In the manufacture of superior surfaces, all parameters are used at their fullest potential to provide the best results.

Load security

Safe loading - added value in transport and storage. Adhesives used for load security impress with a number of benefits. In addition to bonding, these adhesives also protect goods during transport and storage when applied to prevent slipping or for spacing purposes.