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2014 - Foundation of Jowat Andina S.A.S.

Jowat Andina S.A.S. was founded 2014 in Itagüí, located in the Área Metropolitana de Medellín in Colombia. The Área Metropolitana de Medellín consists of several cities, with Medellín in its center–a city affectionately also called “City of the Eternal Spring.”

The objective of Jowat Andina S.A.S. is to gain access to (major) customers who want to procure their goods directly from the manufacturer with a direct local presence. All industries that are in the focus of Jowat are being supplied: From “classic” wood/furniture to the packaging industry as well as the individual segments in the automotive and textile sector.
Jowat Andina S.A.S. currently operates a directly administered warehouse with 300 storage spaces, from which the entire country can be served. At the start in 2014, Jowat Andina S.A.S. employed a staff of three already and the team has since grown to 10 people. Recently, the company has started to also serve the neighboring countries (the so-called “Andina” region) and the southern part of Central America.