Application Description

Exterior doors provide access into a building as well as the first, and ideally a lasting positive, impression. Apart from a superior appearance, modern doors also have to meet high requirements regarding permanent resistance to weathering, heat insulation, soundproofing or burglary protection. Aluminium doors for instance are usually powder-coated and provide a particularly durable and corrosion-resistant surface coupled with an attractive appearance. Therefore, the requirements for the door leaves and door frames in manufacturing are also very high.
Jowat provides a powerful adhesive system which has been developed especially for laminating exterior doors made of plastic and precoated aluminium with decorative foils: Tried and proven hot melt adhesives based on polyurethane (PUR) meet the highest demands for thermal stability and hydrolysis resistance required for exterior applications. In addition to best adhesion characteristics, the new generation of reactive hot melt adhesives also provide a shorter open time and higher green strength, and therefore facilitate faster lamination processes. Just like for window profile wrapping applications, Jowat also supplies RAL-certified products for the production of exterior doors.


Further Applications