Application Description

Exterior doors provide access into a building and give a first, and ideally positive and lasting, impression. Beyond the superior appearance, modern doors are also expected to be permanently resistant to weathering. Aluminium doors, for instance, are usually powder-coated and provide an extremely durable and corrosion-resistant surface coupled with an attractive appearance. Those expectations can only be fulfilled if a high standard is ensured from the very beginning, in the manufacture of door leaves as well as of door frames.

Jowat supplies a powerful adhesive system which has been developed specially for laminating plastic or aluminium exterior doors with decorative foils: Tried and proven hot melt adhesives based on polyurethane (PUR) meet the high requirements regarding thermal stability and hydrolysis resistance necessary in exterior applications. In addition to excellent adhesion characteristics, a new generation of reactive hot melt adhesives also provides a shorter open time and higher green strength, and therefore facilitates faster lamination processes. Like in window profile wrapping applications, Jowat also supplies RAL-certified products for the manufacture of exterior doors.


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Further Applications